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MacKinnon report creates flurry of speculation

Save money but don't make education harder to obtain.

Pride is still needed

Asking why Pride is still needed is exactly why it is.

Driving impaired kills

Last week, the province unveiled its first official memorial to a victim of impaired driving.

Cochrane generosity is boundless

Cochrane has no shortage of generosity.

Rising sepratist movement concerning

Thirty per cent of Albertans support the notion of the province separating from Canada, according to a new poll produced by Research Co.

MLA pay cuts a sign of good faith

MLA pay decrease a good first step.

Step backwards on LGBTQ rights

The UCP's reversal of ammendments made in the Education Act by the previous government to accomodate Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs) and add a layer of protection for LGBTQ2+ students is a step backward and ignores the fact that this demographic st

History of intolerance

Our past is littered with intolerance.

Dead bear a tragedy

The death of Charlie, a black bear shot and killed just two weeks after being rehabilitated and released, is an unfortunate reminder of how conflict between man and wildlife often ends badly for the animal side of the equation.

Reflect on Canada

Canada celebrated its 152nd birthday on Monday and thousands of Cochranites shared in the nationwide festivities.