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Tis the season

Regardless of one's opinion of the commercial aspect of Christmas, the simple truth is the holiday season is one of the most important revenue streams for retailers and the service industry.

Remember the sacrifices

This weekend will mark 100 years since the end of the First World War and the beginning of Remembrance Day (formerly Armistice Day) ceremonies to honour those who died to protect the freedoms countries such as Canada enjoy.

Build for the future

To keep up with growth, Rocky View Schools (RVS) suggests the division needs a new school every two to three years.

Question of trust

Stoney Nakoda residents made their voices heard again last week when they, for the second time, voted against a proposal to designate 3,000 hectares of land that could potentially open it to commercial development.
Patrick LaMontagne

Patrick LaMontagne

Cannabis on sale

Like it or not yesterday was the first day cannabis sales were legal in Canada. The change in law has brought with it new municipal bylaws as well as provincial and federal laws.

Cautiously optimistic

Last year, we took a little heat for criticizing the government for not including capital funding for the Highway 1A and Highway 22 interchange upgrades in the last budget.

War on news

Our access to information is at unprecedented levels, but our ability to determine the accuracy and even legitimacy of that information is at an all time low.

Consent: it means more than you think

Some provinces are grappling with how schools should be teaching their children about sex. Groups in Prince Edward Island are calling for updates to that province's inconsistent and out-dated delivery of sexual education.

Floor-crossing politicians should resign

Politicians crossing the floor to join opposing parties is not new or even that rare. In 2014, nine Wildrose MLAs abandoned ship to join the Progressive Conservative Party, which was the party in power at the time.