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So, we shall wait like the patient bunch we are

Cochranites are a patient and cautiously optimistic bunch.

Cherry's fall from grace

While this isn’t Cherry’s first foray into controversy, this latest assault apparently overloaded the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council with complaints.

Yes, she served

On Remembrance Day, a day of reflection and honour for members of Canada’s armed forces and those who lost their lives in the line of duty, Canadians don’t immediately think of the role of women.

Alberta separatism emerges again

Just like most reactive ideas - rooted in emotion instead of critical thinking - there needs to be some serious considerations. Similar to an aftermath of the most precarious divorces, Alberta would be burdened with massive costs and lots of details to sort out.

No matter what side you stand on, Thunberg united us for an afternoon

While Thurnberg was short on immediate solutions - especially directed at our provinces’ stalled oil and gas industry - she successfully shone a light on the issue of climate change and hopefully inspired more of our youth to take a stand and speak out themselves.

Alberta left in the shadows this election.

We're unsure on who will fight for us. Alberta, the economic engine that once led our country into prosperity is now the former working horse led to pasture.

We need to do better.

This week marks the 79th annual National Newspaper Week.

Cochranites divided on proposed rainbow crossing

Nothing about the project should evoke anything but warm fuzzies.
Threats undermine democracy

Threats undermine democracy

The threat against PPC candidate is unCanadian.

Vaping laws needed

It is time to regulate vaping.