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Revved over gas prices

Politics and religion are in a race for most contentious subject in Cochrane with the new leader being the price of gas.

In the line of duty

RCMP officers, like other emergency responders, have tough jobs. Every day they are at risk of being inured or killed at work.

Program builds futures

Many students graduate high school wondering how what they learned will apply to the real world. Students participating in Rocky View Schools Building Futures program in partnership with Kingsmith Homes, do not have the same question.

Not all gloom and doom

Tech sector stays strong in a sluggish economy

Youth voices should not be silenced

They might not be old enough to vote, but youth across the country and around the world are no longer content being seen and not heard especially about issues that affect their lives.

Get in the game

The value of sport has been well documented as a healthy outlet for youth.

Police/youth relations are vital

Police officers often do not get a fair shake in the public.

Alberta has spoken

As the dust settles on the 2019 provincial election, there will be a slurry of emotions around the province – joy, sadness and even outrage – at the results. During the week-long advance polling 700,000 Albertans voted.

Leaders fail at debate

Leadership debates are usually a time when candidates have an opportunity to sway the minds of undecided or uncommitted voters, unfortunately no one seemed to tell the leaders that last week.

Blind faith is dangerous

To say this election is contentious would be an understatement. In fact, there is a level of hostility that is almost unprecedented – at least in terms of Alberta elections.